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Swing is a family of dance styles which originated in Harlem in the 1920's
 primarily danced by Afro-Americans from whom it inherited it's character.
 Swing dance was greatly  influenced by the Charleston,  especially  Lindy Hop
 the undisputed king of the swing styles  ( Lindy Hop is reputed to have taken
  it's name from Charles Lindbergh's flight or hop across the Atlantic).

 Slow Swing  the more placid of the family members  was danced  to music
of the Big Band Era,  the music became known as "Swing" from which the
overall  dance style took it's name. Swing Dance along with it's relations are
"attitude dances" each with it's own  specific characteristics. Slow Swing
has "a slower slinky cool dude look", normally danced at about 24-32 bars
 a minute . It can also be danced to a wide variety of music including Blues, Country as well as swing music.

The style we are concerned with here is based on East coast Swing, To learn this dance correctly and to achieve the best result it should be danced as a "Slotted Dance", which means that all performed figures should take place either forward the LOD or against the LOD, no side to side action.

Slow Swing  (East coast style) has the triple step basic( there are some  variations in number of steps in some figures as the students progresses).
This signature of Slow Swing is foot and stance technique . The feet stay
largely in contact with the floor in a shuffling motion,  knees are soft and the
upper body is slightly inclined forward . There is a pumping action transmitted through the knees as the steps are performed. It's an absolute delight to perform and
easy to learn.


Figures covered by this video include:- Rock Step or Back Basic....
Chasse....Attitude & Styling, Changes of places  (Right & Left /
Forward & Back)
, Slip or Sliding Cuddle (Drape), Rock Basic,
Pivot Basic, Cross Basic or(Worm), Step/Swivel 'n' Flicks, Alternate Flicks
A practice routine putting it all together.
The importance of signals in indicating the next figure to your partner

DVD 2 (intermediate) More styling on the basic, Dancing in the LOD demo, The Thro-Away, The Reverse Thro-Away, Around, Palm Arches, Combs, Flick Ball Changes, Sugarfoot Walk, Wurlitzer Combo, Stop n Go, Toe Heel Triples, Circling Triples, The Razzle, Dance Bracket.

DVD 3 (intermediate) Step Swivel n' Flicks, Forward Triples & the worm, Explanation of the Worm, Thro-Away & The Worm, Play, Spanish Arms, The Lasoo, Sweeps & Alternate Triples, The Arrow, The Arrow with The Lasoo

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