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Swing jive is a triple step dance style just as is  Slow Swing   the difference
is in the way the action is performed. With Slow Swing the floor is your best
friend, on the other hand with Swing Jive with it's more aggressive action the
floor is treated as if it's "hot " the feet are lifted off the floor by the raising of
the knees, throughout the dance in a bouncing action: see slow swing for a more
comprehensive coverage of it's styling.

Swing Jive differs  from what is currently taught as Ballroom Jive in that there's
no cuban action of the hips or little or no pressure stepping. Swing Jive had
it's beginnings  along with all it's family members in the... 1920's,30's and 40's
developing from somewhat crude beginnings, having become quite refined over
the years, it has recently undergone a major resurgence, as have the multitude
of swing styles that now exist.  A new generation of swing artists are currently
 producing a great array of  fantastic swing music and the result is a  new global
rebirth that is not likely to disappear in a hurry.

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